Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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Winter is coming: How to keep your pets safe and warm

As the season changes and the days are shorter, we all want to stay inside more to keep warm and dry. But it’s important to remember that the change of season means we can do a few extra things to keep our pets warm and cozy.

Coat care

Regularly maintaining your pets’ coats during winter can be critical for getting rid of dead hair and keeping their natural oils and skin healthy. Therefore, it is recommended to brush them at least once a week. It is also important to note that your pets should not have their fur shaved in the cooler months, as they need as much protection from the cold as possible.


Like many of us, our pets burn calories faster in the winter to help keep them warm. Due to this, your pets may need a little extra food in the cooler months. Check with your vet first, so you’re not giving them too much, as larger breeds may require a little extra and your feline friends a little less if they are indoor animals to avoid weight gain. It’s also important to remember to keep them hydrated, as home heating can cause your pet’s skin to dry out faster.


Here’s the fun part, winter means you can buy extra layers for your furry best friends. Especially smaller breed dogs or those with a shorter coats. This will help them to maintain their temperature, particularly when outdoors.


We know you don’t want to because it’s cold outside. However, keeping your pets in a regular exercise routine is critical, even in the winter. Try to get out during the warmer parts of the day, or if you are time-poor, try some trick training or a good old game of fetch in the backyard to keep them active.

Make sure to keep your pet happy and healthy this winter, with extra food, regular exercise, coat maintenance and additional layers, especially for those pets with shorter coats.


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