Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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4 versatile ways to use your Coco Weedmat

Looking to spruce up your garden while keeping pesky weeds at bay? Enter the Coco Weedmat – your secret weapon for a thriving garden. Made from natural coir fibres and a touch of natural latex, this versatile mat offers more than meets the eye.

While weed suppression remains its primary function, the Coco Weedmat offers an array of other practical uses:

1. Weed suppression

As the name suggests, the Coco Weedmat effectively blocks sunlight, inhibiting weed growth and minimising the need for manual weeding.

2. Erosion control

Beyond weed control, this mat serves as a reliable slope stabiliser, preventing soil erosion and preserving the integrity of your landscape.

3. Plant basket liner

Easily customisable with heavy-duty scissors, the Coco Weedmat can be cut to fit and used as a liner for hanging planter baskets, providing added support and moisture retention for your plants.

4. Tree surrounds

Its natural fibres and thickness make it ideal for encircling trees, retaining soil moisture and protecting roots from excessive heat or cold.

Installation made simple

For those unsure about installation of tree surrounds, worry not! Follow these easy steps:

1. Measure and cut: Using heavy-duty scissors, measure and cut the Coco Weedmat to fit the desired area.

2. Create slits: Cut a Y-shaped slit to accommodate planting spaces, ensuring the mat fits snugly around existing plants.

3. Wrap and secure: Wrap the mat around the plant or lay it on the designated area, pressing it firmly into the soil to ensure stability.


4. Water as needed: Once installed, water the area as required to promote proper root growth and establishment.

Ready to revolutionise your gardening game? Head to your nearest Bunnings store and snag your very own Coco Weedmat. With sizes to suit gardens, big and small, it’s the ultimate gardening sidekick.

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