Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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How to: Cut down a curtain rod

Are you tired of dealing with curtain rods that are excessively long? You’re not alone! Many homeowners face the challenge of finding the perfect fit for their windows, only to discover that the standard sizes available on the market don’t quite match their needs. But fear not, because we’re here to guide you through the process of cutting down your curtain rod to the perfect size.

We understand that purchasing a curtain rod that’s too long can be frustrating, but luckily, there are three different methods to help you achieve the ideal length for your windows. While using a power tool like a Mitre saw will provide the fastest and most precise results, you can also opt for manual methods such as a hacksaw or a tube/pipe cutter.

1. Hacksaw

Use a hacksaw with a fine metal cutting blade to make precise cuts. Secure the curtain rod, mark your desired cutting point, and ensure the cut line is perpendicular to the rod.

2. Tube/Pipe Cutter

If you prefer a more controlled approach, consider using a tube cutter designed for metal. Simply tighten the jaws around the rod, rotate 360° to create a groove, and repeat the process until the rod is cut.

3. Powered tool – Mitre saw

For those seeking efficiency and accuracy, a Mitre saw with a metal blade is an excellent option.

Our Pillar curtain rod range is designed to suit homes with classic decor. Crafted from powder-coated steel, our curtain rods are not only stylish but also durable and long-lasting. Plus, we offer a variety of accessories, including decorative finials and brackets, to complete your desired look.

Curtain Rod Range

Available in three stylish colours – Black, Brushed Chrome, and White. Offered in multiple sizes and millimetres, there’s sure to be an option that suits your home perfectly.

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