Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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Our Eco Living story

At Pillar Products, we believe in the power of change and the impact it can have on our environment. The numbers are staggering – Australians generate approximately 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, which equates to roughly 100kg per person. These statistics are a stark reminder of the urgent need to take action. That’s why we embarked on our Plastic Packaging Initiative, a journey to make a difference.

Our commitment to reducing plastic waste led us to remove shrink-wrap packaging from our entire landscaping category. This simple yet significant move eliminates a staggering 2,868kg of single-use plastic from ending up in landfills each year. It’s a small step for us but a giant leap toward a more sustainable future.

On our journey to make a meaningful impact, we draw inspiration from the National Plastics Plan 2021. This government initiative is a comprehensive strategy to tackle plastic waste in Australia. By aligning our efforts with this plan, we’re contributing to a greener and cleaner future.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We’re incredibly proud of our Eco Living range, a range designed to keep your garden thriving year-round while championing sustainability. Our products are crafted from sustainable and biodegradable fibres that not only enhance your garden but also enrich the soil beneath.

Discover our Eco Living range

1. Coco Garden Stake

These Coco Stakes are specially treated coconut fibres coconut fibres rolled onto poles, providing sturdy support for vines, shrubs, and any plants in need of vertical growth.

2. Erosion Control Mat

Crafted from a high-quality slope stabiliser made from 100% natural coconut fibre with reinforcing jute netting. Our Erosion Control Mats are ideal for areas requiring revegetation to reduce water and soil run-off.

3. Coir Twine

Our Coir Twine Plant Ties are made from 100% biodegradable coconut fibre, perfect for plant support and hanging baskets.

4. Eco Grafting Tape

Crafted from biodegradable and compostable materials, our Eco Grafting Tape is ideal for supporting plant growth and wrapping around newly made grafts.

5. Eco Plant Ties

Made from 100% organic and biodegradable material, our Eco Plant Ties provide essential support to your growing plants.

6. Eco Weedmat

Our Eco Weedmats are made from an environmentally friendly fabric designed to suppress weeds while retaining moisture and allowing airflow, promoting plant growth and healthy soil. This non-toxic material is sourced from renewable resources.

Did you know that 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined at the design stage? This knowledge drives us to continually evolve and develop packaging solutions that align with our sustainability principles, prioritising the reduction and removal of plastic packaging.

We have new products coming out this spring; make sure you follow us and sign up for the latest product releases. Together, we can create a more sustainable and vibrant world, one garden at a time.

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