Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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Feeling lost with your climbing plants?

Learn the secrets to training and supporting your plants!

Feeling overwhelmed with your climbing plants? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Introducing our Coco Stakes – the ultimate solution for training and supporting your climbers!  Made from specially treated coconut fibre, these stakes provide sturdy support for vines, shrubs, and any plants in need of a boost. Plus, they promote healthy vertical growth, ensuring your green friends reach new heights

Here are some simple steps to help you train and support your climbing plants effectively:

1. Spray the stake with water: To encourage your plants to climb and cling to the stake, give the stake a gentle spray of water. This will create a moist environment that encourages growth.

2. Secure the stems: Use soft twine or ties to secure the stems or vines of your plant to the support stake. This will provide extra support and stability as your plant grows.

3. Position the stake: Insert the stake into the soil near the base of the plant, ensuring it’s pushed deep enough to provide stability. Proper positioning is crucial for the plant’s growth and development.

If you’re new to climbing plants, here are some popular options to consider:

– Heartleaf & Pink Princess Philodendron
– Syngonium/Arrowhead
– Monstera
– Devil’s Ivy
– Pothos

Having trouble keeping your plants in place? Our Coco Twine could be the perfect solution. Made from 100% biodegradable natural coconut fibre, our  Coco Twine is not only environmentally friendly but also strong and durable. Give your climbing plants the support they need with our  Coco Twine!

Ready to transform your space with lush, climbing greenery? Dive into the world of climbing plants and watch your garden come to life!

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