Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Save thousands with our range of DIY Roller Blinds and Plantation Shutters that can be cut to size to suit your needs.

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Window film frequently asked questions

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Product FAQ

Curtain Rods

Yes. Our curtain rods can be cut down to size using a hacksaw.

Yes. We have a range of brackets and finial ends that matches the rods.

Flyscreen Frames

We only supply the flyscreen frames. The corners and accessories can be found in Bunnings from other suppliers.

Screw the bottom of the sill into the flyscreen frame, attaching it to the mesh.

Link Screen Modular Door

Yes. You can purchase another 1 metre door and join it to the current one. You can repeat this process as many times as you need to fit your opening. The maximum suggested width is 6m (6x doors).

No. This door only comes in black and the one set size.

PVC Doors

Yes. All but the Monaco have extra panels to extend the door to fit your desired opening.

No. We only have the set sizes in store and you can only adjust the width by adding or removing extra panels.

Yes. Simply flip and install the closure channel to one side of the door using the original screws. Then install and align the locking pin and the locking mechanism on opposite doors and fix into place.

Roller Blinds

Yes. Either fill in the form in store at Bunnings or online via our website. Please note all our measurements are from bracket to bracket to ensure the blind will fit in the space you have measured.

*Please note that some sizes are not available for Cut to Size

Yes. You can either order a short cord (45cm length) or use the chain joiner included in the components box. To use the joiner simply cut chain to desired length and then use the joiner to connect the two ends together. Please note the chain will not be continuous and you will not be able to feed the joiner through the mechanism, so choose your placement wisely!

This is normal, as the blinds are tightly wrapped in their retail box. Fabric can be flattened out by fully extending the blind, weighing the fabric down over a few days.

Screen Doors

No. We only have the two sizes (2032 x 813 and 2024 x 806)

Yes. All of our screen doors are reversible and can be installed on either side. Simply flip the door so the hinges are on the side you are wanting and flip the tongue plate so the tongue is at the top.

Shade Cloth

Yes. Our shade cloth is knitted instead of woven which will prevent fraying.


Yes. You can fill out a form via our website under the ‘custom’ section. Then place the order with your local Bunnings.

Our minimum recess clearance is 50mm.

For a recess/inside mount we take off 2mm per side from customer’s measurement. You do NOT need to make allowances when providing measurement. For a face mount no allowance is taken off.

If the recess opening is slightly larger than the shutter frame, 2.5mm and/or 5mm packing pieces can be used to fill up to 20mm in total width & height.

Customer will need to drill their own holes as the location depends if recess mounting or face mounting.

Weed Mats

It is made from a vegetable bi-product (typically corn or tapioca) which is then spun-woven into the Eco Mat material. Over the years this will break down and provide nutrients to the soil.

Window Film

No. Unfortunately, our products are not suitable for double glazed windows.

If you have used the static window film simply lift and peel off of your window. For our adhesive films we recommend using a Windex spray with a citrus base (Lemon) as this helps break down the glue.

You can clean the film with a damp soapy cloth or just with water.

Static films are reusable and repositionable, easy to install and leaves no trace of adhesives when removed. However, it must be installed on flat, smooth glass surface. Adhesive films are a more permanent solution with longer life span and sticks to more surfaces. Films are harder to install and remove. 

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