Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Save thousands with our range of DIY Roller Blinds and Plantation Shutters that can be cut to size to suit your needs.

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Check out our top 3 most popular products this season to inspire your next DIY project.

As we are experiencing the change of season, our home requirements are also changing. To prepare you for the cooler months ahead and to provide you with easy DIY projects, we have created a list of our popular products this season and the reasons why you will love them.

Plantation Shutters

Our Plantation Shutters are an elegant design that is perfect for modern homes and complements any decor. But there is so much more to our Plantation shutters! They are reinforced with PVC and an extra-strong aluminium core to prevent warping and prolong their lifespan. They are also moisture, termite and UV resistant. The hidden tilt bar allows maximum light control, providing your home with an extra layer of privacy and warmth- perfect for the incoming weather.

To make your DIY project even easier, you can now order your plantation shutters to be custom made via our website. With easy installation, practical features and a stunning design, there’s no wonder why our Plantation Shutters are a popular DIY solution.

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Insect Protection Screen Doors

The Insect Protection Screen Doors enable you to enjoy the crisp breeze while protecting your home from creepy crawlies. The modular pleated design protects doorways from insects and is easy to install. It is smooth to operate with a slimline base track at both the top and bottom and magnetic closure. Suitable for either left or right closure, you can install your fly screen where you need it. This product’s easy installation and features make it an all-star DIY solution.

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Window Films

Our biggest seller is window film! This nifty product is consistently popular for protecting your home from harsh light glare. Available in a variety of tints, you can optimise and control the filtration of lighting throughout areas of your home, protecting your furniture from damaging UV rays and potentially saving on cooling costs. This DIY solution is subtle in appearance, perfect for any interior design and easy to install.

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Our Products

Our products assist with home improvements both inside and out! Explore our product range to inspire your DIY projects this season.

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