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Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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Window film frequently asked questions

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Window Film has been around for a long time, but not everyone knows its benefits for your home or office space. We are used to seeing window film in vehicles to increase privacy, reduce glare and regulate temperature. However, did you know these same benefits apply when window film is used at home?

TIP: Make sure all window cleaner is thoroughly wiped off the window before application, as this can dissolve the adhesive on the film

Benefits of Window Film



Increase Privacy

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a window to be in an inconvenient place without any frosting or privacy. As a result, neighbours can see directly into your bathroom, kitchen, or front door. Window film is a simple DIY solution that can help increase the privacy within your home and give you back your space. The addition of frosted or tinted window film can help increase privacy and still allow in the natural light from a window without enabling a passer-by to peep inside accidentally.



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Reduce Glare

While incredibly warm, the sun’s UV rays can be highly damaging to your skin and furniture. The glare can cause fatigue, eye pain and cause discomfort while watching your favourite TV show. The addition of window film to your home can help you still allow in the natural light to your home while reducing the glare and damaging effects of the UV rays on your furniture so that you can enjoy your home anytime.

TIP: Using a sharp blade to trim the edges can ensure you have a smooth, clean finish


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Regulate Temperature

The benefits of installing window film in your home or office don’t stop at reducing glare and increasing privacy. It can also help you regulate the temperature year-round, which means you can enjoy being home all year long—without worrying about how much energy you use to keep it comfortable.

When you install window film, it helps regulate the temperature in your home or office by keeping out excess heat during summer and allowing the sun to warm up the room during winter. This keeps you comfortable all year round and reduces heating costs too!

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One of the most essential steps in window film application is patience. The outcomes of window film can be stunning and practical; however, taking care and time to do it right is critical. Ensure you follow the instruction manual, and you can achieve a professional job at home.


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