Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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Grafting essentials: Grow smarter,
not harder

Grafting is a horticultural technique that involves joining parts of two different plants so that they grow together as one. Grafting is commonly used in fruit tree cultivation, ornamental plants, and even in some vegetable crops.

Enter our Eco Grafting Tape. It is made from a blend of PLA (corn bi-product) and PBAT (biodegradable polymer). After use, the tape will naturally decompose and biodegrade, leaving zero toxic residue. Our tape is perfect for supporting plant growth and wrapping around newly made grafts.

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There are many grafting techniques out there, however, a good example to get you started if the Whip & Tongue Graft technique.

Step 1: Make a long sloping cut to the scion wood stock. Make a second cut starting 1/3 from the tip to the base of the first cut. Repeat with corresponding cuts on the rootstock. Match up these cut surfaces and check that they are the right length and both stock meets. Make any adjustments to your cuts if necessary.

Step 2: Line up the cuts and slide together, making sure to interlock the tongues. Check again that the cambium layer (thin tissue just below the bark layer) of each is in contact with the other. This is crucial to the success of the graft.

Step 3: Wrap the graft tightly with our Eco Grafting Tape. This helps keep the cut sides pressed firmly together. Grafting tape also helps reduce the loss of moisture from the cuts.

Best plants to get started with grafting

  • Fruit trees such as apple, cherry, and citrus.
  • Trees such as birch, beech, ash, spruce varieties.
  • Flowering and vegetables such as roses, tomatoes and passionfruit.


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