Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse

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Eco-friendly gardening essentials

Embrace sustainability with our Eco Living range

Are you a gardening enthusiast passionate about cultivating beautiful green spaces and protecting the environment? If so, you’re in for a treat! Meet our Eco Living range, a collection of eco-friendly gardening essentials that will take your green thumb game to new heights while caring for the planet.

Eco Plant Ties: A sustainable support system

Plants need a little help as they grow and reach for the sun. Enter our Eco Plant Ties, crafted from 100% organic and biodegradable materials that provide gentle support to your plants throughout their growth journey. Available in a generous 30-meter length, these ties offer exceptional flexibility and softness, effortlessly stretching with your plants’ growth while keeping them secured to garden stakes.

The best part? Once your plants have blossomed and it’s time to tidy up, you can leave the ties in place. They naturally decompose over time, returning essential nutrients back into the garden soil. What an excellent way to promote a circular, sustainable gardening practice! Plus, they are made from renewable, vegetable bi-product, making them a guilt-free choice for any eco-conscious gardener.

Coir Twine Plant Ties: A natural wonder for your hanging baskets

Looking to beautify your garden with hanging baskets and need reliable support? Look no further than our Coir Twine Plant Ties! These extra-strong, 3.5mm twisted ties are made from 100% natural coir—a bio-degradable natural coconut fibre that makes them an eco-friendly addition to your gardening toolkit.

Not only do these plant ties provide robust support to your hanging baskets, but they also allow you to get creative. Use them to create stunning creepers and add an enchanting touch to your garden space. With a generous 50-meter length, you’ll have plenty to work with and can experiment with various plant arrangements.

Coir Totem Garden Stake: Your vertical growth partner

Promote vertical plant growth with our Coir Totem Garden Stake! Made from naturally occurring coconut fibres, this totem garden stake supports the entire length of creeping plants, protecting them while growing. Whether used indoors in pots or outdoors directly in garden beds, these garden stakes provide anchor points for healthy, upward growth.

For those with ambitious plant ambitions, you can join two or more stakes together to increase height as your plants grow. This clever design ensures that your green space remains visually stunning and full of life.

ECO Weedmat: The eco-conscious gardener's secret weapon

Transform your garden with the ECO Weedmat, an environmentally friendly fabric designed to suppress weeds while retaining moisture and promoting healthy plant growth. Crafted from renewable vegetable bi-product, this weedmat offers an eco-conscious alternative to traditional polypropylene products.

Its subtle brown colour blends seamlessly into your garden, requiring less topping for coverage. The cleaner manufacturing process ensures minimal environmental impact, while the non-toxic fabric naturally decomposes over time, returning valuable nutrients to the soil for up to three years.

Embrace eco-friendly gardening today!

Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your gardening routine doesn’t have to be complicated. With our Eco Living Range, you can effortlessly support your plants while promoting sustainability in your garden. From the gentle and nurturing Eco Plant Ties to the versatile Coir Twine Plant Ties and the ECO Weedmat, each product in this range offers a greener, more responsible approach to gardening.

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